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Sign up Sign up for an account is currently only open to Pittsburgh area models, photographers, and others.

For now, while you are welcome to sign-up, join in the forums, and upload a link to your TFP site, in order to get a gallery or portfolio, you must live or work within about 100-150 miles of the Pittsburgh area, and be willing to travel into this area, not have people travel to you. You don't have to be in Pittsburgh, just within the prescribed radius.

Most modeling and photography sites are too broad. The notices and job offers are always for some other area you don't happen to be in. NY, CA, and a few other areas dominate and obliterate the other areas and listing. With these regional directories, you'll be assured that the listings being offered are within reach -- literally!

Even a 100 mile radius is fairly large. Sure, 100 miles is about 2 hours of driving time, but if you are 100 miles east, and another person is 100 miles west, that is 4 hours of time. It starts to get pretty unreasonable pretty quickly.

We don't want to be just another site you upload something to and forget. We want to be your #1 location, #1 referral, #1 source for all your photographic, modeling, and related TFP needs in the Pittsburgh area.

We will be adding in a zip code feature that will let you find people within a certain range of your location. But, for now, all those locations must be within no more tha 150 miles of Pittsburgh (zip 152nn)

As the software matures, we'll offer directories for other areas we are affiliated with, and if you'd like to run one for your own area, even for your school or club, we'll offter the software for sale, or you can lease space on our servers.

So, if you are still interested, read on.... and join in.

All fields except company are required. These are *NOT* attached to your public profile in any way, and are only used by us, in case of problems, issues, or the need to verify data. If any of this data is found to be innacurate, your profile will be deleted. You will be banned, and we aren't interested in excuses. You can set up a public profile and choose what information you want to appear to users there. You may use aliases, screen names, stage or professional names, and blind contact information. *but* not here.

This profile is used only by the Community Logon System, and is considered your "real" information, and must be 100% up to date at all times. If an issue happens on the board, and this information is found to be invalid, there will be no second chances. We want that to be PERFECTLY clear!

Only the information in the "Username and Password" box is shared between applications, and is how you will be known to people on the system by default. You can modify your PUBLIC profile in both the Links area and in the Forum. Your email address is never public by default, and you may enter a "Contact Email" or "Display Email" in both other applications mentioned above.

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