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Nov 30, 2005, 1:51 PM

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Workshop Planning On-Line and Off Can't Post

Over the years, I've managed a number of on-line photography, graphics, and alternative groups on a number of major on-line services, as well as private multi-line BBS's (Remember those!?)

In college, I also offered a number of workshops in photography, working with models, self exploration using photography/photographs, and a few "edge" events. I _was_ in NYC at the time, and the 80's were still reasonably safe around town and on the transit system. Common Sense was really all that was needed to find great locations, and create situations that made striking images.

I'd like to start up some of those workshops again.

Technology has put both photography and 'developing' within reach of the wallet and skills of almost everyone. In the past a good enough camera was pricey $300+ (not adjusted for current times), and a darkroom for developing was out of the price, space, and skills of most people. Now, EVERYONE can take, make, and manipulate great photos. You can get instant feedback, and "costs" for photos are almost nonexistant as the prices of CD's and DVD's have dropped to well under a buck.

So much for the technology :)

I'm working on setting up the domain http://PhotoAdventures.com for the "home" base of the workshops.

Rather than "events" or "workshops" or "classes" I like the image of "ADVENTURES".

Each event, or workshop, or class should be an adventure. My best times, and images, often came from breaking off from the pack and taking my own images during a workshop. The workshop sparked my vision, but I was not seeing the same things as everyone else, and often enough a model or two has the same urges.

I've gotten some of my best photo sets from studio workshops by moving off into stair wells, tiled bathrooms, closets, or storage rooms. Even unused classrooms.

The point is, that while workshops or group shoots can inspire you, and are often great ways to get your feet wet, they can be just as stifling as they are motivating.

When you work on your own, you lose the interactions of others, and the input of others, but you have the freedom to move in your own direction.

What I hope to make this site, and the related workshop, tutorial and gallery sites, is a place for photographers (and artists) and models to get together, share a vision, create a plan or project, and be able to link up and work together EASILY and without all the excess baggage that goes along with such shoots.

Models who work with a group of photographers get to be known, and they get to know the photographers. Both models and photographers are pre-screened, and everyone gets an idea of the type of work each is best at, or likes the most. That is not to in anyway limit or track a model or photographer, as anyone can try new things at any time, but it does allow better matches and more opportunity for BOTH models and photographers to get together and create.

I have seen models who have arranged 3-4 shoots a week while in school, with DIFFERENT photographers. Of course, this was in a larger city like NY or LA. But the idea is that in any city, or area, there are always models who have free time or a need for new images (or money), and thare are always photographers who have that free time at the same time, or have the project or money available. The idea is to get them together!

In order for this to work, YOUR input and involvement is important. Such a system is only what YOU make it. But the great thing is, that those who are involved, and/or motivated, can get out of it as much, or more, than they put in. Those who do not contribute, don't even get in the way, and may eventually get more active (or go away).

If you are interested, please join here.

We are starting locally in Pittsburgh area. But, we can help arrange something in your city, or area, as part of a larger whole. Especially if you travel between two areas.

More on the specific workshops will be forthcoming, but really, only the type of workshops YOU are interested in are worth planning.

Give us a hint as to what you'd like to try.

We can run the whole range from pets and still life, to portraits, nudes, art, figure, children, landscapes, flowers, indoors or out. Also, we can arrange workshops from the point of view of the model, rather than the photographer. What that means, is the photographers are the accessories, and the models are the actual students or workshop participants. The photographers are there to show the model how to pose, act, and understand the "shoot" process.

So, let us know! This can be a lot of fun for everyone, and how often we get together, or workshops are planned ,depends on how many people -- and interests -- are involved.



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