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May 22, 2006, 9:12 AM

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"Updating" portfolios Can't Post

On several sites, you'll see (especially models) talking about 'updating' their portfolios. Or needing to update, or such.

In many cases, it's a means to post, get some potential exposure, or try to gain more work.

But, behind that, there is a very real reason to keep updating your portfolios.

Forget the sites that use images as "tags" so that when you post a new image, you can change your avitar, and maybe attract someone to click.

But, if after they click, they see the same old boring, irrelevant, or same-old-same-old they saw before, what was the point?

Models change greatly. Maybe not from day to day, but at least month to month. They get older, they gain/lose weight, they change hair or skin, and more.

On top of that, they also gain experience, live more life, and change as people.

That shows in their eyes, their bodylanguage, and their choice of gigs.

So, models, updating your portfolio on a regular basis, pruning out images that no longer describe you, or what you are interested in doing, and keeping your current "look" updated will get your more jobs, and keep you, and your portfolio, looking professional.

It's pretty unprofessional to have someone contact you, based on your portfolio, and you either tell them you no longer look like that, or you tell them you no longer do that type of work. It's even worse, if they set up a time/shoot and you arrive looking completely different than they had thought, and hired you for.

Please realize, that what you show on-line, *is* your whole presentation for someone. It's what they think of you, how they see you, and what they base their interest in working with you on. Unlike a real-world call, they can't put your current look against your photos. All they see are the photos, not you.

One feature I am adding in, to the models portfolios and/or profiles, is "Current Photo" which must be updated every 2 months. The system will expire the image, and flag the account "No recent photo" if it hasn't been changed in 60 days.

I'm hoping to make this site, and this software, as useful as possible.

Comments always welcome.

aka Bodyartist

aka Bodyartist


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