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Jun 15, 2006, 8:53 AM

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Workshops Summer 2006 Can't Post

After an interesting and successful weekend shoot in Columbus (at least by the number of new shoes the models have), I'm more excited than ever about planning and organizing workshops, group shoots, and even more modeling trips.

Despite all the B&Ming going on on other forums about "costs" of a photo shoot, and how TFP is bad, evil, and one of Bush's secrete weapons to destroy photography, I ran a side-by-side against a similiar shoot done in 1990, and the costs were 30% LOWER (even ignoring inflation) and the number of images (product) 10-20x higher, and it was all immediately ready for use. That cuts back-end processing costs even further.

So, with that bit of information, figuring the costs of other shoots, and the benefits to those participating, the *VALUE* today, with digital is far, far greater, and outlay is far far far far less.

We have a number of shoots planned for outdoors in the parks, and we are looking at "group" or "open" shoots as summer progresses.

Just so you know:

These workshops will have a small fee for refreshments and incidentals, and you will be provided with model releases for any model you work with (who signs your dance card). The releases are portfolio/self-promotional use only. You are free to negotiate any other releases with the models you work with on your own. Releases will be provided when the model acknowledges (or you show proof of delivery) of the CD/DVD etc. Many shoots, we'll be able to burn the discs there, if you give the models the unedited images. Basic backup services will be available, so if you need to reload your card, you can.

More details and specifics as they become available.

If interested, sign up, get on the newsletter, or PM me.

aka Bodyartist

aka Bodyartist


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