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Dec 10, 2005, 7:41 AM

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Might as well start off this topic with what we should do with this site.

First off, this is more or less a "demo" site for the group. I set this up as a way to show what was possible, and that having a real website we can modify as we need is far, far better than trying to make our needs fit into someone elses site.

TFP Modelling was really conceived as a site about trading time for prints. There is so much out there that is misleading, and so many models (and sometimes photographers) are taken advantage of.

But, the main goal of this site was to hook up models and photographers and artists who were looking to do something "fresh" that wasn't commercially driven. Art for art's sake, or simply trying new things or honing skills between jobs.

I chose this as a site to start off the group because I feel strongly that a photo club, or group, especially one as mixed as this, should *really* have a rule about NOT paying for services within the umbrella of the club. Within the club, people work together for EXCHANGE or TRADE. Prints, services, time, whatever. But not cash or other money.

That makes everyone in the club equal. Everyone has 24 hours in a day. Everyone has one body. It's not what's in your wallet that determines what you can do. If you aren't paying for models, or photographers time, then there is room for more body types, more experimentation, more ART for ART's sake.

You have a day job. The Photography & Modeling group is FUN, and NOT WORK.

You can make connections and meet people, and get work with people you might not otherwise have the chance to. This sort of environment encourages outside participation by area artists and models who might not otherwise be willing to get involved with a more commercial venue. Travelling or visiting artists and photographers are a real possibility, and overall environment is enriched.

I feel strongly about this, and you may disagree, but I hope I can convince you about the importance of this as a fundamental organizational philosophy.

There are plenty of other venues for paying for "experiences." There are few that are:

1) strictly TRADE for services or goods.
2) LOCALLY targeted (in this case, Pittsburgh area/region)
3) Creatively stimulating, since money is not allowed to be an object.
4) COOPerative, in that everyone is able to contribute and benefit simply by participating.

Please, share your thoughts, either pro or con, and let's open a dialogue on this.



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